Product Returns

The products supported and promoted by have been carefully selected by experts and based on the quality provided by our producer or supplier. stores all products in air-conditioned areas that strictly adhere to the storage and maintenance specifications of each product.
Despite our constant efforts to ensure that the products we promote to our customers are in excellent condition, there are very few cases where a product can be damaged without – most of the time – our responsibility.


We accept returns of products that are damaged, without limitation, as long as the problem is identified by you and you inform us about it no later than seven days after receipt of the product. We ask our customers to inform us about this via the “Contact” page by selecting “Regarding an order” as the subject of communication and stating the exact problem. A competent partner may contact the customer about this, and the customer is informed of the acceptance of the return by email.


In the description of the problem, please also state if you wish the refund to your account or the replacement of the damaged product. The customer must return the damaged product so that we can notify our supplier. The return is at no cost to the customer, and the refund or replacement of the product is made after receipt by of the damaged product.

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